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Code 1 Holster

Code 1 Concealment’s patent pending Modular Holster is a revolution in firearms holster design.   The new Modular Holster offers unparalleled versatility. With the supplied clips and a small standard screwdriver you can configure the Modular Holster to be worn right hand draw, left hand draw, small of back, appendix, inside the waistband, outside the waistband, between the belt and waistband, use any belt up to inch and three quarters, or use no belt at all.

The Code 1 Concealment Modular Holster comes with 3 interchangeable clips. 1 inch and a half belt loop clip, 1 inch and three quarter belt loop clip, and 1 waistband clip. These clips can be configured in a variety of ways to match your carry needs. The clips are easily installed by lining up the rails on the clip with the grooves in the holster and slide the clip downward. When you hear the click it is securely locked into place. The clips are also easily removed using a small standard screwdriver. Slide the screwdriver through the hole in the side of the clip and push in on the locking tab. Then push up and the clip will slide out.

The clips are available in two different configurations. The Deep Cover and the Gunslinger. The Deep Cover clips are designed to let the gun ride low in the pants for best concealment while still allowing for a good shooting grip. The Gunslinger clips allow the gun to ride higher for the fastest draw possible. All Code 1 Concealment Modular Holsters are shipped with the Deep Cover clips.

The Code 1 Concealment Modular Holster is made of extremely tough and durable polymer that is designed to withstand a lifetime of abuse without failure. Code 1 Concealment Modular Holsters come with and lifetime unconditional money back guarantee, and proudly made 100% in the USA.


Take a look at how some of our customers have been putting the Code One holster to use! 

RhinoHolster SIS Upgrade

This holster was developed in conjunction with the LAPD’s elite undercover unit known as the “Special Investigation Section” or, S.I.S. We took the combined years of experience and actual in the field trials from the S.I.S. to design and build our new holster.

We are offering the SIS Holster for every make and model pistol that we offer our Original Rhinoholster in. The SIS holster sits approximately half an inch (.5″) higher than the Original Rhinoholster and is well suited for undercover law enforcement officers as well as personal and private use.

The officers of the legendary S.I.S. face life or death dangers on daily basis and require equipment they can trust their lives with, and we’re proud that they choose Rhinoholsters as their concealment holster.

Visit our store and purchase your very own Rhinoholster, you can upgrade any of our Original Rhinoholsters  to the premium SIS version for an additional fee!


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